Monday, 8 December 2014

Winter Dog Walk || Letters to a Friend

Dear Ellie,

Today I took a walk, a walk I take most Sundays, a walk with my Mum and the Dog in the beautiful countryside our Island has to offer. These walks have changed a lot since this time last year, Ellie, we had two of the little terrors then! I cannot quite believe that it is almost a whole year since we lost Ben but I must say since then our walks have become a lot calmer!

These days we take a gentle walk around the countryside as Harry explores all the hedges and banks, yes every single one we pass, and now that I don’t have Ben to walk I have a chance to take some photographs. Some of them are alright but most of them end up a blurred mess as the shutter snaps at the exact moment Harry gets bored and moves his head. Who would have thought taking a decent photo of a dog would be so hard. I was quite proud of this one though.

As Harry gets older and his abilities to walk long distances is reduced I cherish these walks we take together. My mum and I chat no stop whilst he potters around at our feet no longer racing ahead trying to burn off his never diminishing energy. However although he is getting old it does not stop him climbing to the top of the nearest bank and surveying his kingdom. I always think he looks like he is saying “I am king of the castle, you’re the dirty rascal” when he is up there, which is probably why he doesn’t really listen to what we tell him to do!