Monday, 17 August 2015

Adventure | My Climbing Fear

Today I decided that I need more adventure in my life, I have spent too long this summer sat at my desk and I just need to get outside! 

Some fellow scout leaders in my local area were heading climbing this evening and I was keen to join them but there was one problem.... I am terrified of climbing! Turn back 12 years to 10 year old me crying half way up a climbing wall, frozen still and unable to get down and you get the idea. It is one of those fears that make your arms and legs turn to jelly, so even after this many years it is still one of those challenges.

It was my determination to have an adventure coupled with beautiful weather that got me there. I had gone with the intention of maybe climbing up a couple of feet, one step at a time and all that. However after a particularly spectacular failed attempt on the initial climb, a second, easier climb was set up and a few of the other novices and myself actually got all the way to the top!!

From crying as soon as I step foot on a climbing wall to scaling a, albeit easy, climb up actual rocks was quite an achievement for me. Now I just can't wait for my next adventure!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Tynwald Church || Isle of Man Through the Lense

Here on the Isle of Man we have our own government, which happens to be the oldest continually running Parliament in the world. This government comes complete with a tiered hill that the Parliament meet on once a year in front of the Island's population. One day I will show you this as well, but today I am going to focus on the church used in this special ceremony. 

I visited this church one evening in winter hence the darkness (and weather). 

 Half way along the walkway between the Hill itself and the church is this war memorial in the form of a celtic cross.

This photograph was taken from the base of Tynwald Hill.

This door is entered by many important guests on the 5th July each year. Inside there is a church serve which plays an important part of this Manx National Day.

 Not exactly a dry night, one of those in winter on the Isle of Man is very rare I must admit!

I will leave you with a lovely (rather creepy) stone head found by the door to the church.

Monday, 12 January 2015

A Photo a Day | Giving Blood and Windy Walks | Week 2

This week saw me going back to work but that didn't stop me getting out in the wind at the weekend!

Going back to work meant my evening's were spent inside getting various bits of work done but that didn't mean I couldn't enjoy a candle and some hot chocolate when the work was done! 


I am not really one for interior decor, by that I mean my skills are limited, it is not through lack of want, but I do enjoy photo's of my friends and a nice scented candle.

Wednesday saw me get out my little record book and give blood, which is something I try to do when ever I am called up. I must admit I do not enjoy it much but the benefits my blood could bring someone majorly out way my discomfort!

 My plan this year is to try and have a lot more adventures and micro adventures are a good place to start. I was recommended this book by a few people on a Scout weekend I went on and I defiantly pass on that recommendation to who ever reads this. It really gets you thinking about how you can get adventure into your daily life, which for those of us who have busy ones is really useful.

 On a Friday my family and I have a tradition to go to the pub with a family friend and our regular happens to be opposite Tynwald Hill, an iconic land mark on the Isle of Man. This is the beautiful church at the other end of the ceremonial path, and I feel that the night just adds a bit of extra magic.

During a quick trip into Douglas I came across this rather pretty view of the bay, I particularly like the clouds!

There is nothing like an Sunday morning walk up Bradda Head to blow away the cobwebs. I was joined by my friend Laura and her dogs Quinn and Ash, aren't they all pretty!

Here's to another great week!

Monday, 5 January 2015

A Photo a Day | Irish Sea Dip in January | Week 1

I treated myself to a new camera for Christmas so it only seemed right to complete the photo a day for a year challenge!

My Brother ready to run in for the last dip of the day.
New Years Day saw me complete not one, not two but FOUR New Years Day Dips. It wasn't just me that was crazy enough to do this, it was the first event of the year for Ellan Vannin Scout Network. The task in hand was rather chilly but the warming broth we had half way through helped us regain a bit of temperature just in time for us to run back into the massive waves that crashed onto the beaches that day. I am so proud of all of Ellan Vannin Scout Network that completed the dip, a great challenge to start the New Year.

Castletown Harbour
As it was the last Friday of our Christmas break my Dad, brother and I joined a family friend for a few drinks in the afternoon. I took this photo whilst walking between some of the pubs in Castletown, and yes, as the name suggests, that is a castle in the background! It was lovely to have a chance to relax for a few hours before normal life resumes on Monday, and what a lovely pace to do it in.

A warming campfire on a winters night
Saturday saw me embark on a hike with fellow Manx Scout Leaders and members of Scout Network. It was a lovely hike through the hills and we finished the day off by setting up camp and having some nice food and  a campfire. For me an evening by the campfire with friends is one of the best ways to spend an evening, with the fire taking away the chill of the evening you are left to laugh and joke in it's glow.

A Manx dry stone wall

Between getting back from camping the night before and getting ready for going back to work the next day, Sunday gave me just enough time to get out for a nice walk with my Mum and dog, Harry. There is nothing worse than being trapped inside all day, I need some fresh air to get my day going in the right direction. I actually find that I am a lot more productive when I do.

Well I think this week has set a high standard for the rest of the year, if they are all as good as this then it will be a pretty good year!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Winter Dog Walk || Letters to a Friend

Dear Ellie,

Today I took a walk, a walk I take most Sundays, a walk with my Mum and the Dog in the beautiful countryside our Island has to offer. These walks have changed a lot since this time last year, Ellie, we had two of the little terrors then! I cannot quite believe that it is almost a whole year since we lost Ben but I must say since then our walks have become a lot calmer!

These days we take a gentle walk around the countryside as Harry explores all the hedges and banks, yes every single one we pass, and now that I don’t have Ben to walk I have a chance to take some photographs. Some of them are alright but most of them end up a blurred mess as the shutter snaps at the exact moment Harry gets bored and moves his head. Who would have thought taking a decent photo of a dog would be so hard. I was quite proud of this one though.

As Harry gets older and his abilities to walk long distances is reduced I cherish these walks we take together. My mum and I chat no stop whilst he potters around at our feet no longer racing ahead trying to burn off his never diminishing energy. However although he is getting old it does not stop him climbing to the top of the nearest bank and surveying his kingdom. I always think he looks like he is saying “I am king of the castle, you’re the dirty rascal” when he is up there, which is probably why he doesn’t really listen to what we tell him to do!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Bonfire Night || Letters to a Friend

Dear Ellie,

Writing letters in the form of a video is, I must admit, not exactly my idea but when I saw Carrie Hope Fletcher’s Letters to Autumn I realised it was the perfect way to communicate with you, Ellie.

Being able to show you clips of my, now very busy, life whilst on the move is wonderful. Such as the time my parents and I donned our warm winter coats, and stood on the beach by a bonfire lit in the shadows of Peel castle.

I can now let a friend, whom I used to spend 6 out of the 7 days with, in on my daily life once again all the way from that house you now occupy a good 350 miles from my own. Not to mention that awkward stretch of water too Ellie.

I am not sure how often I will write to you and don’t worry I don’t expect letters back, I know how hard you’re working at the moment, maybe just a comment? I hope I get to write to you regularly though, Ellie, in the form of video I mean, I quite enjoyed making this one.
Hope you enjoyed the fireworks.

P.S. I might have got a little bit excited and made some mince pies this evening! (woops!) And yes I have already eaten one!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A Busy Busy Bee


Sorry EyeZedZedWhy has been quite for a couple of weeks but my word I have been a busy little bee. So much so that if I have a free hour or so I am not really sure what to do with myself. You know when you have so much in your schedule that those free moments are really weird and confusing? Well that is where I find myself right now, I have just got back from the supermarket and I have a few hours before I need to go to bed so I thought it was the perfect time to write a little post.

So why have I been so busy you may ask? Well first of all I started a new job! It is a very big step in to the unknown, so I am learning on the go and so it's absorbing an awful lot of my time and energy at the moment but it's defiantly worth it though. I have already met lots of lovely people so I think it is going to be a nice place to work too!

Another reason my life has got super busy is that scouting has started back up again after summer. If you have been reading my blog for a while you may know that I am a leader for both the youngest section, Beavers, and the Scout section as well as a member of the oldest section, Scout Network. It may sound like a lot to be invloved it but there are people that put in a lot more time than me, to help you guage, I tend to spend three evenings during the week and a day or two at the weekend, with all the meetings, planning and activities. Scouting is a special hobby, it takes a lot of work but it is the most rewarding thing I do.

I actually really enjoy being busy, I like always having something to do. I can get quite hyper so I like to always have something to keep me occupied! One thing I do think is important though is to have sometime for myself too, it is great to be able to recharge and then be able to jump straight back into being active again! 

How do you find being busy? Do you like it?

Hope your week is going well xx