Monday, 12 January 2015

A Photo a Day | Giving Blood and Windy Walks | Week 2

This week saw me going back to work but that didn't stop me getting out in the wind at the weekend!

Going back to work meant my evening's were spent inside getting various bits of work done but that didn't mean I couldn't enjoy a candle and some hot chocolate when the work was done! 


I am not really one for interior decor, by that I mean my skills are limited, it is not through lack of want, but I do enjoy photo's of my friends and a nice scented candle.

Wednesday saw me get out my little record book and give blood, which is something I try to do when ever I am called up. I must admit I do not enjoy it much but the benefits my blood could bring someone majorly out way my discomfort!

 My plan this year is to try and have a lot more adventures and micro adventures are a good place to start. I was recommended this book by a few people on a Scout weekend I went on and I defiantly pass on that recommendation to who ever reads this. It really gets you thinking about how you can get adventure into your daily life, which for those of us who have busy ones is really useful.

 On a Friday my family and I have a tradition to go to the pub with a family friend and our regular happens to be opposite Tynwald Hill, an iconic land mark on the Isle of Man. This is the beautiful church at the other end of the ceremonial path, and I feel that the night just adds a bit of extra magic.

During a quick trip into Douglas I came across this rather pretty view of the bay, I particularly like the clouds!

There is nothing like an Sunday morning walk up Bradda Head to blow away the cobwebs. I was joined by my friend Laura and her dogs Quinn and Ash, aren't they all pretty!

Here's to another great week!

Monday, 5 January 2015

A Photo a Day | Irish Sea Dip in January | Week 1

I treated myself to a new camera for Christmas so it only seemed right to complete the photo a day for a year challenge!

My Brother ready to run in for the last dip of the day.
New Years Day saw me complete not one, not two but FOUR New Years Day Dips. It wasn't just me that was crazy enough to do this, it was the first event of the year for Ellan Vannin Scout Network. The task in hand was rather chilly but the warming broth we had half way through helped us regain a bit of temperature just in time for us to run back into the massive waves that crashed onto the beaches that day. I am so proud of all of Ellan Vannin Scout Network that completed the dip, a great challenge to start the New Year.

Castletown Harbour
As it was the last Friday of our Christmas break my Dad, brother and I joined a family friend for a few drinks in the afternoon. I took this photo whilst walking between some of the pubs in Castletown, and yes, as the name suggests, that is a castle in the background! It was lovely to have a chance to relax for a few hours before normal life resumes on Monday, and what a lovely pace to do it in.

A warming campfire on a winters night
Saturday saw me embark on a hike with fellow Manx Scout Leaders and members of Scout Network. It was a lovely hike through the hills and we finished the day off by setting up camp and having some nice food and  a campfire. For me an evening by the campfire with friends is one of the best ways to spend an evening, with the fire taking away the chill of the evening you are left to laugh and joke in it's glow.

A Manx dry stone wall

Between getting back from camping the night before and getting ready for going back to work the next day, Sunday gave me just enough time to get out for a nice walk with my Mum and dog, Harry. There is nothing worse than being trapped inside all day, I need some fresh air to get my day going in the right direction. I actually find that I am a lot more productive when I do.

Well I think this week has set a high standard for the rest of the year, if they are all as good as this then it will be a pretty good year!