Friday, 20 December 2013

Meet My Dogs!


Today I thought I would introduce two boys that are very important to me, they offer me comfort when my day isn't exactly going great, we go for long walks in the countryside and, most importantly, they give the best cuddles.

Meet my gorgeous doggys!

First we have Ben an English Springer Spaniel. His birthday is actually on New Years day (makes it easy to remember!) and in 2014 he is going to be 7. We actually got him from a rescue center when he was 10 months old as a companion for Harry.

We got Harry a few years earlier from the same center. He is a Black Labrador and he is 10, although when we got him he was only 2, it is hard to believe we have had him 8 years!

Being at University I relish my time with them when I get home by going for walks with them whenever I can (Although I write that from the comfort of the sofa with the rain pouring down outside!).

I am not sure Harry really understands how a camera works,
he was determined to sniff it all the time.

Recently they have both had to visit the vet A LOT! It started with Harry who had to have all of his teeth, bar 2, removed. As a puppy we are told he was sick a lot and the vet says that is what has caused his teeth to rot (delightful!)! Just as Harry was recovering from his operation Ben started to deteriorate. In March, when we had all that snow, he managed to fall of a snow drift and, although the vet couldn't work out what was wrong with him, he was not his normal run-about-y self but with the help of some anti-inflationary he got a bit better but has never been completely back to normal. In November however he started showing signs of a lot of pain :(. After many trips to the vet, in which he refused to tell the vet what was wrong, we still don't know what is wrong but with a medicine cabinet bigger than ours he is a lot happier now :).

As you can see he is now back to pulling silly faces again!

I am so glad they are both much happier now, they provide me so much joy I would hate to be without them!

P.s. I would like to say that I did clean the floor (Yes, a young person doing housework because I am weird like that!) 10 minutes before I took these photo's but, after being outside, they managed to make it dirty again within minutes!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

My Christmas Decorations From the Past!


Since my last post I have returned home for Christmas, which means I got to put up another Christmas tree! That makes me very very happy :D

Each year when we get the box of decorations out, years of memories tumble out along with it. It is full of so many decorations, some that me or my brother made at school and some which are even older than me. 

As you can see little Izzy was quite the artist! It has glitter and sequins so in my opinion it is a master piece. I recon I probably made this when I was about 5 so I am actually quite proud of it!

This card might not seem very special but this is a card from my Grandparents who have now both passed away, so it is quite special to me.

Everyone has those items that are incredibly important to them but are just a piece of rubbish to everyone else, and this is one of those.

This decoration has been on our tree every year since I was born, it is actually older than me!

On the other hand this is the first decoration I remember buying and I always made a point of putting it on top of the TV. Sadly these days with the invention of flat screen TV's it now has to reside on the table it sits on.

Finally we have this expertly created angel for the top of the tree. During our primary school years my Brother and I made many of these tree toppers but sadly this is the only one that is still in one peice. This year when I opened the box I found many angel faces and doily dresses, it was like an angel grave yard.

Well, that is two Christmas posts in a row, can you tell I like it? To add to the Christmas spirit I also made two Christmasy videos on my YouTube Channel:

My 10 Favourite Things About Christmas

The Christmas Tag

Hope you are enjoying the build up to Christmas as much as I am.

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

STUDENT LIFE: It's Christmas!


Now that it’s December it is officially acceptable to be excited about Christmas. I admit, I have been excited about it since the start of November but it is now acceptable to do so in PUBLIC! :P

So on the 1st December I decided to get into the Christmas spirit and put up the decorations and make some mince pies, two things that as essential at this time of year. As I am a student and therefore don’t have a big budget and wont be here to enjoy it for very long, I kept it very simple but I am very happy with the results.

Before I go on I must inform you that Christmas music is compulsory for these activities!

We had a Christmas tree from last year so that saved me a lot of money, last year I had housemates that were keen to join in, but this year only one wanted to be involved L. We also had lights from last year so I simply bought some tinsel and some baubles.

I got the tinsel from Tesco for 55p for FOUR METRES
which I thought was a bargain!
And the baubles were from the same place for £1.50. You have to be careful because a lot of packs of baubles don’t come with the string to hang them from so you have to buy it separately but these one came with them attached with saved time and money.

To decorate the rest of the room I reverted back to my childhood with snowflakes and paper chains. My housemate who was helping me had never made either of them before so it was nice to show her things that I had done so much as a child.

For the snowflakes I bought a pad of plan paper for 80p from Wilkinson’s and there is still most of the pad left. To make them you simply cut the paper into a square and fold it along the diagonals 3 times. Then you can cut any shapes you want into the paper as long as you don’t cut all the way down the folded edges. Then when you unfold the paper you get a beautiful snow flake! 

For the paper chain I got a pad of coloured paper from the same place for 80p and again there is still a lot left. To make a paper chain just cut the paper into strips and glue the ends to make a loop intertwining the next loop with the previous one. Then hang it on the wall, simple.

I finished of the festivities by making some mince pies. The fact my housemates managed to eat all twelve in less that 24 hours tells me they must have tasted ok!

Hope you are getting into the Christmas spirit too. I would love to hear about your Christmas traditions!