Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Monopoly Run | Day 2

As I always do when I go camping, I woke up as the sun did, something I always find quite magically at the time even if it does mean that later in the day I will be REALLY tired. As you can imagine in a group of 18 – 25 year olds no one else was awake at this ridiculous hour so I took the time to read my book. I am currently reading A Fault in our Stars written by John Green. It is a fantastic book but it left me with red eyes from all the crying and laughing I was doing!

The campsite was great, although it was very small, it had a cabin which had a kitchen! I have never been to a campsite with a kitchen before but what with the weather we had it was very useful! The organisers of the event, TNT Network, had brought two small marquees which were brilliant for keeping us dry in the evening. Having somewhere dry when you are camping makes the difference between having a brilliant weekend and having a miserable one!

I finally persuaded Tom to get out of his tent at about 9am and then we were on our way into London to be tourists until our other team members flew in later on. The London Underground is very different than public transport I am used to, the longest I had to wait was 4 minutes! I am used to sitting on a platform for an hour in the freezing cold but on the underground I was inside and I never had to plan my travel around tube times because they were always there, I don’t know why anyone in London has a car!

The first stop on our London adventure was the new BBC building, to be honest it wasn't intentional, we just got of the tube at a random stop and wandered round. When I saw it though, I got a bit over excited because it was pretty cool to see the place that produces so much of the television I watch. Next we got back onto the tube, this time with a plan, and we headed to the natural history museum. It is a massive museum which has hundreds of dead animals which have been preserved so everyone can learn about them. It does sound quite horrible but it is also extremely interesting. While we were there Tom and I went to the part of the museum dedicated to beetles and a lady got us to sort a selection of them into their family groups. It was trickier than it sounded but with the help of our biology A-level knowledge we succeeded which I think surprised the lady!

Our next stop was the Victoria and Albert Museum but by this time the early wake up time had started to catch up with me. This meant I ended up enjoying a lot of the art from the comfort of the seats which luckily were a regular occurrence around the museum. The final stop of the day was the part I had been looking forward to most, the Science Museum! I love science and I hadn't been there for seven years so I was very excited to go back. I could have spent all day in the science museum but after an hour it was time to head back to the campsite to meet the rest of our team and get ready for the monopoly run the next day.

It had been raining on and off all day but when we made it back to the campsite, as it had the night before, it began chucking it down only this time twice as hard! I got back to my tent to find it in a puddle of water but luckily it hadn't got inside the tent otherwise I would have been a very unhappy Izzy indeed. So with the most rain I had seen since March pouring down around us, Tom helped me to move my tent and put up our team mates tent. My boots are still wet through now!

Finally at 9:30pm our team mates arrived, also very very wet and it was time for the competition briefing when we were given the extra challenges to complete. For the next hour we edited our pre-planned route in order to cover all the challenges and went to bed with planning on getting up very early in the morning so we could start at the start time, 7am on the dot. It was Tom’s 19th birthday so we had to really, ok well that was the plan anyway….

The adventures from the “run” itself will be up tomorrow so watch out for that. I will also be making a video or two about our adventures which will be uploaded to my YouTube channel soon, to be told when that is uploaded you can subscribe to my channel using the link below:



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