Monday, 4 November 2013

STUDENT ADVICE: Graduate Schemes

As someone who is graduating in June, I will soon need to find myself a proper full time job but, as it is still months away, I thought I would be fine for a while yet. Turns out I was very wrong. One of the best way to enter the world of work is via a graduate scheme especially for a course like mine but I recently found out that you have to apply for most of them before Christmas!

I was very lucky that one of my lecturers made us all aware of that otherwise I would of found myself in April surprised that all of them had closed long ago. This is why I decided to write this post, so that I could make people aware of this!

You can do graduate schemes in all sorts of things like management, marketing, accounting and engineering. They provide you will a great way of entering a new profession straight from university as they give you training you while you work, they understand that you won’t be perfect when you arrive because they work with graduates every year.

Also if you are in you 2nd year at university I have noticed that a lot of the internships are open as well so if you are thinking of taking a placement year you might want to get on it quickly too.

I am speaking form the point of you of an engineering student looking for a job, this may relate to you, it might not but it is worth checking it out so that you don’t miss the boat.

Good Luck!


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