Sunday, 9 November 2014

Bonfire Night || Letters to a Friend

Dear Ellie,

Writing letters in the form of a video is, I must admit, not exactly my idea but when I saw Carrie Hope Fletcher’s Letters to Autumn I realised it was the perfect way to communicate with you, Ellie.

Being able to show you clips of my, now very busy, life whilst on the move is wonderful. Such as the time my parents and I donned our warm winter coats, and stood on the beach by a bonfire lit in the shadows of Peel castle.

I can now let a friend, whom I used to spend 6 out of the 7 days with, in on my daily life once again all the way from that house you now occupy a good 350 miles from my own. Not to mention that awkward stretch of water too Ellie.

I am not sure how often I will write to you and don’t worry I don’t expect letters back, I know how hard you’re working at the moment, maybe just a comment? I hope I get to write to you regularly though, Ellie, in the form of video I mean, I quite enjoyed making this one.
Hope you enjoyed the fireworks.

P.S. I might have got a little bit excited and made some mince pies this evening! (woops!) And yes I have already eaten one!


  1. Not sure if you're aware, but the video isn't working. Cute post nonetheless. x

    1. Sorry about that! It seems to be working for me, not sure what to do about it! Thank you! x