Monday, 17 August 2015

Adventure | My Climbing Fear

Today I decided that I need more adventure in my life, I have spent too long this summer sat at my desk and I just need to get outside! 

Some fellow scout leaders in my local area were heading climbing this evening and I was keen to join them but there was one problem.... I am terrified of climbing! Turn back 12 years to 10 year old me crying half way up a climbing wall, frozen still and unable to get down and you get the idea. It is one of those fears that make your arms and legs turn to jelly, so even after this many years it is still one of those challenges.

It was my determination to have an adventure coupled with beautiful weather that got me there. I had gone with the intention of maybe climbing up a couple of feet, one step at a time and all that. However after a particularly spectacular failed attempt on the initial climb, a second, easier climb was set up and a few of the other novices and myself actually got all the way to the top!!

From crying as soon as I step foot on a climbing wall to scaling a, albeit easy, climb up actual rocks was quite an achievement for me. Now I just can't wait for my next adventure!

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