Monday, 28 October 2013

A Windy Sunday!

So it’s Sunday and at 9am there was beautiful blue skies, so I thought I would go for a lovely little walk. At 9:05am it felt more like I was in the northern most part of Scotland than south Wales. I was having a lovely walk along the prom when suddenly the wind was blowing my hair into my face and the rain was stinging my skin. Safe to say I got VERY wet. I just had to share some of the best pictures, even though they are not exactly flattering!

When I came to Wales for University I was promised dreadful weather, yet since arriving here over two years ago the weather has been nothing but tropical compared to home on the Isle of Man. It’s a small Island in the Irish Sea, and that being so it can get very windy and wet so nothing south Wales can throw at me can shock me at all. Saying that the weather I experienced this morning actually came close to what you might expect in the Isle of Man on one of our calmer days.

On this nice morning walk I found myself drenched with an umbrella with closer resemblance to a bunch of flimsy metal rods than something that would keep me dry. I also found myself being blown all over the place, although I was only actually blown over twice which isn’t even trying compared to home.


So this leads me to now, sitting at my laptop writing this blog in PJ bottoms. My trousers got so wet and all my clothes are in the wash so it was my only option. Normally I hate wearing PJ’s in the day time so I have to admit I have put fresh ones on because then they almost feel like clothes! I have to say though, they are more comfy for a day at home than jeans, so I can see why people do it.

Good luck in the storm!

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