Monday, 14 October 2013

Animal Socks!

There is something about have pictures of animals on my feet that makes me a little bit over excited! Whenever I look at my feet it makes me smile, they are just so cute.

Up until about a month ago I only wore black socks, they are cheap and easy to pair, but during my trip to London (hyperlink it) all my socks got so wet that I had to buy more or I would have had to endure soaking wet feet all weekend (one of the worst things ever!). I couldn’t find any of my normal black socks and, as I was in a rush, I picked up a pair with owls on, a pair with dogs on and a pair with koalas on purely because they were on offer, well that and because they were very cute of course!

These socks were three pairs for £4 which I think is quite a good deal. Since then I have also bought some from Tesco which are even cheaper at two pairs for £2.

So over all a low price for a product that brings me so much joy.

Buying those socks was a brilliant decision, they made a wet weekend much happier because not only did I now have dry feet but I also had animals on them. A cute picture never fails to put a smile on my face.

 As you are reading this just imagine me writing this whilst taking regular breaks to just stare at my own feet because that is exactly what I have been doing!


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