Wednesday, 18 December 2013

My Christmas Decorations From the Past!


Since my last post I have returned home for Christmas, which means I got to put up another Christmas tree! That makes me very very happy :D

Each year when we get the box of decorations out, years of memories tumble out along with it. It is full of so many decorations, some that me or my brother made at school and some which are even older than me. 

As you can see little Izzy was quite the artist! It has glitter and sequins so in my opinion it is a master piece. I recon I probably made this when I was about 5 so I am actually quite proud of it!

This card might not seem very special but this is a card from my Grandparents who have now both passed away, so it is quite special to me.

Everyone has those items that are incredibly important to them but are just a piece of rubbish to everyone else, and this is one of those.

This decoration has been on our tree every year since I was born, it is actually older than me!

On the other hand this is the first decoration I remember buying and I always made a point of putting it on top of the TV. Sadly these days with the invention of flat screen TV's it now has to reside on the table it sits on.

Finally we have this expertly created angel for the top of the tree. During our primary school years my Brother and I made many of these tree toppers but sadly this is the only one that is still in one peice. This year when I opened the box I found many angel faces and doily dresses, it was like an angel grave yard.

Well, that is two Christmas posts in a row, can you tell I like it? To add to the Christmas spirit I also made two Christmasy videos on my YouTube Channel:

My 10 Favourite Things About Christmas

The Christmas Tag

Hope you are enjoying the build up to Christmas as much as I am.

Merry Christmas!!

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