Friday, 20 December 2013

Meet My Dogs!


Today I thought I would introduce two boys that are very important to me, they offer me comfort when my day isn't exactly going great, we go for long walks in the countryside and, most importantly, they give the best cuddles.

Meet my gorgeous doggys!

First we have Ben an English Springer Spaniel. His birthday is actually on New Years day (makes it easy to remember!) and in 2014 he is going to be 7. We actually got him from a rescue center when he was 10 months old as a companion for Harry.

We got Harry a few years earlier from the same center. He is a Black Labrador and he is 10, although when we got him he was only 2, it is hard to believe we have had him 8 years!

Being at University I relish my time with them when I get home by going for walks with them whenever I can (Although I write that from the comfort of the sofa with the rain pouring down outside!).

I am not sure Harry really understands how a camera works,
he was determined to sniff it all the time.

Recently they have both had to visit the vet A LOT! It started with Harry who had to have all of his teeth, bar 2, removed. As a puppy we are told he was sick a lot and the vet says that is what has caused his teeth to rot (delightful!)! Just as Harry was recovering from his operation Ben started to deteriorate. In March, when we had all that snow, he managed to fall of a snow drift and, although the vet couldn't work out what was wrong with him, he was not his normal run-about-y self but with the help of some anti-inflationary he got a bit better but has never been completely back to normal. In November however he started showing signs of a lot of pain :(. After many trips to the vet, in which he refused to tell the vet what was wrong, we still don't know what is wrong but with a medicine cabinet bigger than ours he is a lot happier now :).

As you can see he is now back to pulling silly faces again!

I am so glad they are both much happier now, they provide me so much joy I would hate to be without them!

P.s. I would like to say that I did clean the floor (Yes, a young person doing housework because I am weird like that!) 10 minutes before I took these photo's but, after being outside, they managed to make it dirty again within minutes!

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