Friday, 4 April 2014

Happy Friday #14


My family mean the world to me so being home in the Isle of Man for a few weeks is fantastic. As much as I love England, my favourite place in the whole world is this little Island not only because of my family but also because it is so beautiful.

This week I have really enjoyed having my family around me, particularly over the last few days when my Mum has been off work and we have spend some special time together. We took our dog, Harry, for long walks, went to knitting shops and today we both watched Frozen for the first time! It's so lovely, I am going to be listening to the sound track for ages now! *goes to straight to Spotify*

 Also this week I went to my friends farm for a good catch up and to walk her new puppy. It was a lovely walk by the sea, through field with lots of chat and a very cute puppy!

It's not only being with people I love that has made me happy this week, whilst my parents and brother are at work and school I am official dog walker. It actually breaks up my day of dissertation writing nicely and lets me have some fresh air with this lovely boy.

He really loves a squeaky tennis ball and tries to carry it with him on the walk but he has lost most of his teeth (he's almost 11!) so he struggles to keep it in his mouth which is quite funny to watch!

I am really loving this year of looking for the happy things in my life, I am finding that I don't have to even look anymore. I really am blessed :D

One last thing before I leave you, I tried making this Chocolate orange cheesecake brownie from the Sorted YouTube channel and it is the best brownie, no best cake, I have ever tasted! Go watch the video HERE!

What happiness has been in your life recently?

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