Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year and Welcome to a Brand New EyeZedZedWhy!

So the New Year is upon us, it is 2014! Can you believe it?!? I suppose that means I should probably stop dancing around my room to Christmas songs :P

I welcomed in the year in a way which has become a tradition for me, running into the Irish Sea. Most years I go in in a swimming costume but this year the sea was too rough to go in very far sadly but it certainly blew away the cobwebs!

2014 is going to be a massive year for me, it is the year I'll graduate from University. So this year I will have to start living an adult life; get a proper job and get a my own place. Out of those two things I bet you can guess which I am more excited about.

Although these are going to be very scary changes, it gives me the perfect chance to change my life for the better. It is so easy to get into a routine, just doing the same things day after day but this year I am determined to change that. 

Try New Things

By trying new things I hope to find new hobbies and gain new skills which will make me a better human being. Before University I was defiantly a Yes girl. I would say yes to most things but since starting Uni I have just stuck to basic things trying to get through my degree.

This year however I want to start afresh, I am going to try lots more stuff and have fun doing so.

Do More for Other's

As with trying new things in recent years I have not been doing as much for other people, before then I was constantly volunteering etc but sadly that has reduced a bit lately something that I am quite ashamed of to be honest.

This year I am going to make a point of doing something good for others once a week.

Remember the Things that Make me Happy

It is remarkably easy to go though a day and not notice a single thing that makes you happy, in truth though that is a lie. If we all were just to open our eyes to the world around us we would see hundreds of things everyday.

What about that butterfly that landed on your arm? or the shop keeper who smiled at you whilst selling you some bread? I find my self keeping my head down getting on with my day but this year I want to notice more.

I also want to documented the fun times I have so that I have pictures and videos so that I can remember them for ever!

Get my Degree

It is as simple as that really I want to finish my degree with a decent result and hopefully get a job from it.

I have really big plans for 2014, so lets get on with it!

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