Friday, 14 March 2014

Happy Friday #11


This week I have mostly been in the library. Deadlines and interview prep all got on top of me and left me in a the library very late one evening this week.

The library has been vastly improved by the addition of this kitty! I have no idea where he came from, I think he must live in the area but have a cat around is really lovely!

 I am a massive animal person so any chance have contact with one is lovely. This is my friend Pete giving her some fuss during a break from work.

 Pete is on my course and we were both working on the same assignment together and having a friend to help you and offering late night motivation is very useful and makes the experience that little bit better.

As much as I loved having this little cat about, she is rather distracting when she sits on the keyboard!

She doesn't have a collar and no one knows her name so I thought I would give her a little nickname, have you got any suggestions for me?

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