Friday, 7 March 2014

Happy Friday #10

Friendship, that has defiantly been the theme of my week, you may have seen THIS post at the beginning of the week where I got in touch with friends I had lost touch with. Well that has not been the only time friendship has featured in my week.

Only friends will sit on the side of the roads wearing traffic cone hats!

Tuesday was pancake day here in the UK which meant that a friend and I relished the opportunity to get flipping a large number of them.

With finding jobs being a big focus in my house at the moment, having housemates who will talk through any problems with you and help you prepare for interviews is fantastic. I think time is one of the biggest gifts someone can give to you so spending time listening  to me and helping me with my problems is something I am always very greatful for.

It's not just my own friendships that have made me smile this week either. As a final year engineering students our work load at the moment leads us to spend quite a long time in the library. So when I joined a friend in there who had been there for 12 hours already I was heartened to see his mate came down with supplies for him.

What really touched me was the next morning when he had been in there for 24 hours (he told me he would leave shortly after me at 11pm!), his mate returned before his lecture with more supplies for him. It would have been much easier to tell him its his own fault for not doing it earlier and leaving him to it but its a true friend that supports him.

I love everyone of my friends and value them all so much. They really are amazing people.

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