Friday, 21 March 2014

Happy Friday #12

So we're already on the 12th Happy Friday of the year, and everyone of them has brought will it some happy memories to share. This week is no different of course!

With the weather being so nice I have been going for lots of walks by the beach this week. It's been really nice to see everyone having so much fun enjoying the weather.

On Saturday I spent the afternoon watching the 6 nations rugby meaning by the time all THREE matches had finished it was dark. The lack of light didn't stop me getting my daily dose of fresh air though, the picture above is supposed to be the moon but sadly my phone camera isn't the best...

I know this picture makes it look like the beach is empty but I worked hard to find an empty bit to photograph as I don't want to include strangers in this blog without permission! The beach was full of people having BBQ's, children playing and dogs chasing balls.

This picture really shows all the foot prints of people walking up and down the beach. I have had some fantastic walks this week, I hope you have enjoyed your local area as much as I have this week!

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