Friday, 7 February 2014

Happy Friday #6

Another week goes by, another seven days of happy moments to remember.

Yes, that is a picture of some pigeons. I took this photo whilst I was taking a wander round town one day and it may just like a few pigeons to you but they were HILARIOUS! I just sat watching them walking round and..... ok I am not sure it is quite as funny in the retelling! :P

Sunday was National Yorkshire Pudding Day. As one of my favorite foods I couldn't not have some.

It may not look very attractive but it sure was tasty! It is my variation on toad in the hole, several small Yorkshire puddings with sausages in gravy with leeks, cabbage and onions! I miss roasts so this kind of meal is a real treat!

Yesterday I came to visit my Gran for the weekend, the same one who's birthday present I got through the post last week and today I finally get to give it to her.

To say my Gran has a few pets would be an understatement, from dogs to chinchillas there are loads of them! I suppose that explains my love for animals really.

This lovely lady is a Bearded Dragon. We had a lovely half an hour of her holding on to my shoulder as I had a catch up chat with my Gran. The fact she isn't fluffy doesn't bother me, she is still adorable in my mind. I also really like the fake grass in the bottom of her cage!

Now to look forward to the coming week, trying to focus on the happy bits!

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