Friday, 28 February 2014

Happy Friday #9


My week started with my return to the ISLE OF MAN! I was so excited to go home for a few days, the Isle of Man is one of favourite places and it is also home to my parents, brother, dog and some of my friends so it was fantastic to be there for a while.

Being at home gave me the opportunity to go on walks in the countryside with my dog Harry and my Mum. This is a picture of my Mum with Harry and his stick choice of the walk, he doesn't have many teeth left now but he used carry round massive logs!

Look at this view!! My Island is soooo pretty!

I thought I would share some of the pictures I took during my visit to a lovely little cafe.

I went there with my Mum and it gave us a chance to have a really good catch up. I consider my Mum as one of my best friends (is that strange?) so we spent pretty much the whole time I was there chatting and it was delightful!

This is an example of a traditional Manx cottage that was near the cafe, I think they are really pretty!

Sadly my trip home came to an end on Wednesday, this is the view from the boat. I would gush more about how much I love this place but I have a feeling I have done that enough!

Even though my trip back to Uni took be a grand total of 13 hours door to door, with this view from the train it's difficult not to smile.

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