Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Friday #7

A meeting with one of my lecturers this week really showed me the effect this blog writing and new found happiness is having on me. He remarked on how much more positive, smiley and calm I seemed since Christmas. I hate to think what he thought of me before, but if someone who has no idea about my 2014 plans has noticed it in me, it really must be working.

I was stupid enough to accidentally switch the router off, which is locked in my room, before leaving the house for 4 days at the weekend. Although it all got sorted in a matter of hours, I felt so guilty I promised everyone cake, so I made them these little butterfly cakes.

Over the weekend I also got to spend time with my Gran's beautiful dogs. I love animals so I miss them a lot at uni, but spending time with my Gran has the added bonus of going of long walks with her 3 canines!

I had some really positive progress in terms of work this week too.

This graph my not mean a lot to you but the fact the two lines are so close and follow the same trend shows that my sheets and sheets of calculations have paid off. It shows that my calculated values match the measured ones. Sorry, I am probably boring you to tears but this is a graph that makes me very happy indeed!

Did you make some progress with a tricky problem this week? Or did a pet give you a nice cuddle to put a smile on your face?
p.s. Happy Valentines Day!

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