Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Crazy Golf | 30 Days of Summer | Day 17

Good Morning!

Today's Challenge is:

Play Crazy Golf

If you are new to my 30 days of summer challenge click here to find out what it is!

Crazy golf is a fun little activity rather than a proper sport but, to me anyway, it is still very challenging! Simply put, there are obstacles that you have to hit the ball through and into a hole on the other side in as few hits as possible.

Today, along with a group of friends, I had a game of crazy golf and to say I lacked skill is an understatement. Basically I came last, I have never been very good at sports involving balls! Much halarity came about when one of my friends kept hitting the ball to hard and knocking it through the hedge and she had to go searching for it!

Today's challenge is a great one for getting friends together and doing a cheap and cheerful activity. The likelihood is you wont be as bad as me and you will score much better but even if it is not your forte it is still a fun activity to do with friends!

I don't know whether other countries have Crazy Golf so just in case you don't have a course near you why not try going to a park and seeing what you can find, a maze perhaps. Whatever you find just get out there and have fun with some friends. 

 I hope you have fun with today's challenge, if you want to make sure you see tomorrows challenge be sure follow my blog and follow me on twitter too. Also make sure you record all the exciting things you do this summer, take lots of photos and keep your own blog, and please send me a link to it so I can see what you are up to, I would really really love that! 

Bye, see you tomorrow!

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