Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Geocaching | 30 Days of Summer | Day 27

Good Morning!

Today's Challenge is:


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What is Geocaching you may ask? Well it is a bit like a treasure hunt I guess, you use a GPS devices or your mobile phone to navigate to the location of the cache then you have to try and find it, they can be quite small so it may take a little bit of digging around! For more information and to get started go to the Geochaching website.

Even if you go geocaching right next to your house you could we end up exploring a little corner you didn't even glance at before and although there are a lot in the countryside they are also all over cities too!

When you find the cache you fill in a log book and in some of them you can even swap nic-nacs! Looking at the log book and other stuff in the cache is really interesting, are you the first person to find it or the 128th?

 I hope you have fun with today's challenge, if you want to make sure you see tomorrows challenge be sure follow my blog and follow me on twitter too. Also make sure you record all the exciting things you do this summer, take lots of photos and keep your own blog, and please send me a link to it so I can see what you are up to, I would really really love that! 

Bye, see you tomorrow!



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    1. You should try it, it's great fun. I would love to hear about your adventures!
      Thank you for joining me on my blogging adventures, I hope you enjoy your time here! xx