Monday, 11 August 2014

Internet Freedom | 30 Days of Summer | Day 16

Good Morning!

Today's Challenge is:

Spend a day with out the Internet

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The Internet plays a massive part in a large number of people lives these days and I am one of those people who is addicted to the internet, or should I say, I was. I have just come back from a week long scout Jamboree in Cheshire called Chamboree and throughout this time I did not have internet access and, you know what, I didn't even miss it!

I was really worried about the prospect of being away from my beloved-ed internet, I spend so much time on it and invest myself so much into its world that it can, at times, get a bit too much. Don't get me wrong, I have got so much from the internet world and I really do enjoy it but getting so invested in so many people, places and things, often very far away, can get a bit stressful. It was really refreshing to spend a week away with only things directly around me to worry about and, most importantly, to enjoy.

It may seem weird writing about not using the internet, on the internet but the number of devices I have that can be used to access the internet is ridiculous! A week without it has simply reminded me to spend a bit of time away from it from time to time and that is what I encourage you to do. 

So this challenge is to spend a whole day without the internet. It may sound difficult when you think about how much you use it but the key is to fill your day with lots of fun things to do and, just for one day, simply enjoy what is around you.
Make sure you check back the day after and read the post you missed though!

 I hope you have fun with today's challenge, if you want to make sure you see tomorrows challenge be sure follow my blog and follow me on twitter too. Also make sure you record all the exciting things you do this summer, take lots of photos and keep your own blog, and please send me a link to it so I can see what you are up to, I would really really love that! 

Bye, see you tomorrow!


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