Friday, 10 January 2014

Happy Friday #2

Well this week has certainly been a mixed bag in terms of happiness. On the one hand there was the terrible sadness of losing my dog Ben but on the other hand there was much happiness from the announcement of my friends engagement.

I know this post is supposed to be happy but I didn't feel it was possible to write it without mentioning what happened to Ben because sadness is something that happens and something that shouldn't be ignored. I have wrote a full post about what happened to Ben which you can read HERE but what I will say is that he was a lovely dog who I will miss dearly.

Something else that happened this week has helped to keep my mind of Ben, my friend got engaged! I am really happy for him and his fiance and it has taken a lot of determination not to ask to turn into a girly mess, squeel and ask to see a picture of the ring. You see, I am the only girl in this group of friends so I am not really sure it is the place for that behavior :P (I am not promising I will last long without asking to see it though!)

On Sunday I traveled back to university, a journey which takes 12 hours, so as you can imagine I was not looking forward to it. But on one particular 4 hour train journey I found myself with a table seat to myself, which even had a power socket! As train journeys go that was a good one!

Doing this project I am noticing so many happy things in my daily life and if I included them all you would get very bored but there is just room for one more. My cupboards were bare one evening so I went to the local shop to get some tea and found this supply of food:

I got it all for a total of £1.23 yet had it not been reduced it would have cost me £8.10. Savings like that make me very happy indeed!

I hope you week was full of happiness.


  1. I was really enjoying reading this!Thank you for this post!:)

    1. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I am doing it every week to encourage myself to notice more things that make me happy. I really recommend it!