Friday, 10 January 2014

(wo)Mans Best Friend

On Sunday I lost one of my best friends, he provided my with love, hugs and much companionship. Sadly my dog Ben, who I introduced to this blog a few weeks ago, died just hours before I left to go back to university.

I wrote in the post about him and my other dog, Harry, that he had been ill but we had no idea what was wrong. Well sadly on Saturday he started to fit, at first we thought he would pull through, he was getting better but sadly that evening he started fitting again, and we new it didn't look good. We were in constant talks with the vet throughout the day but she said he would be best kept quiet at home. 

Anyway, sadly overnight he passed away from what they vet thinks was a brain tumor. There was nothing they could do and luckily he didn't suffer too much.

We got Ben 6 years ago from rescue center when he was 10 months old and although he caused quite a lot of trouble, I loved him dearly. Being from a rescue center he had a few behavioral issues but it was when I started being without him for long periods of time whilst at uni that i realised how important he was to me. 

He even made it to having his photograph on the wall by my bed and not many have achieved that accolade, believe me. I may make jokes during this post but inside it does hurt quite a lot losing him, it is just the way I deal with things. I can't stand sadness, so I try and get ride of it by cracking a (very poor) joke.

I thought a silly picture of Ben would be appropriate here :P

When Ben died I was very angry at myself for being upset which may sound weird but I didn't feel that I had the right to feel sad when there are people out there who have lost there mums, dads, siblings, spouses, children and that must be much much worse. But pets defiantly become part of the family, some people are even closer to there pets than they are their own family. I am not trying to compare the two, I am just trying to say is what I should have realized when I was beating up my pillow on the morning of his death, it is OK to be upset.

Right, well that is definitely enough sadness, for a happier post click HERE to read my Happy Friday post. Don't worry it is MUCH happier than this one!

Ben, I really do miss you, sweet dreams.

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