Friday, 24 January 2014

Happy Friday #4

Another week, another bunch of things that have made me smile to share with you. I can't believe we are on the FOURTH Friday in 2014 already!

For the first 10 days of 2014 the UK was going mental for the return of Sherlock. I, myself have never watched it and have had to keep it that way until I have finished University because the last thing I need is another TV programme to obsess about! But don't worry Sherlock fans, as soon as I have finished my degree I shall start from the beginning and watch them all in one day, just watch me!

Anyway, I must have been the only person in the country to be happy it had finished for the sole reason that Call the Midwife took its place. I adore Call the Midwife, it is actually proving to be in close competition with Doctor Who as my favourite TV show, and that is saying a lot! I love history, anything about health care and. yes, I may have a little soft spot for babies too. If you have never watched it I would recommend it to the
moon and back, to sum it up it is about a group of nuns and midwifes in 50's London. It is full of emotion, drama, love and friendship and I love it!

Surprisingly, this week actually brought some news better than the return of Call the Midwife, hard to believe I know! All on the same day, two of my friends got job interviews for jobs the REALLY want and another got an offer of an amazing job that he can't wait to start once he graduates. When things go right for my friends I can't help but be incredible excited and happy for them.

This week also saw my Mum's birthday. Sadly I wasn't able to go home to see her on the day but she did send me a picture of a cake a college made for her. It might make more sense if I told you that she is a pharmacist, so a packet of tablets was quite suitable, I thought! Round of applause to the lady who made the cake too, it looks amazing!

The final happy thing I have to share with you this week is my love for Mary Berry's cook books. I got one for Christmas and it has already jumped to the top of the list as my favourite cook book. My dad has had the older version of my one for years so I loved Mary Berry even before she became really famous on The Great British Bake Off.

The book is split into sections and at the beginning of each one there is a contents page which has pictures of everything so you can see what it looks like before you even get to the recipe. This week I used the book to try something new but I will tell you about that on my Something New Monday post on, you've guessed it, Monday :P

I hope your week has been full of things to make you smile and I would love to hear about them in the comments.

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