Friday, 17 January 2014

Happy Friday #3

For January the weather has been quite good this week, cold yes, but nice and bright. How British is this of me, discussing the weather, but this week it did really make me happy.
I started the week with a very nice and, I think the word I am supposed to use here is 'refreshing', but it was probably better described as cold and windy! Saying that though it is lovely to get out of the house and just have a nice walk with out having to think about all the things I should be doing.

Like A LOT of people something that makes me very happy indeed is food, and chocolate cookies are up there with some of the best. Not only did I devower this bag of cookies but I also had an extremely tasty Dominoes with a group of friends over the weekend, which was made even better for their company!
All this talk of food is making me hungry!

For Christmas my Mum got me these nail varnishes which are lovely colours and the fact they dry in 60 seconds mean that they are suitable for someone as impatient as me!

Stupidly though I managed to leave these little beauties at home upon my return to University, so my lovely mum posted them to me this week, isn't she lovely! This week I have gone for the purple with the clear over the top.

It is physically impossible to have a bad week when your Mum include this in the package she sends you, it is now stuck firmly on my wall :D
(I would just like to say that I am her ONLY daughter so she isn't actually picking favourite!)

Well this week was certainly much better than last week
What has made you happy this week?


  1. I love that purple nail polish! It's such a nice colour! I just love Rimmel!
    Eden xx

    1. It is amazing! I really love how quickly it dries, I am so impatient I always ruin them if they take to long to dry :P

  2. Love that purple nail polish!Amazing post:)

    1. I know! My mum made such a good choice!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, I love looking for the happy things in life. I have been so much happier generally since I started!

  4. Replies
    1. They last longer than most for me too, it is still going strong now almost a week later!