Monday, 21 July 2014

Countryside Ramble | 30 Days of Summer | Day 1

Good Morning!

Today's Challenge is:

Go for a walk in the countryside!

If you are new to my 30 days of summer challenge click here to find out what it is!

Whether it is with friends, family or simply on your own, a walk in the countryside is a great way to relax and just enjoy your surroundings. You just have to look at the pictures from my recent walk with my friend Ellie to see how beautiful the countryside can be!

If you are lucky enough to live in a place like this you will see and experience this on a daily bases but that doesn't stop you from going and exploring somewhere new. On the other hand if you are a city resident this may not be an environment you get to see much of so, this is the perfect opportunity for you to hop in the car or on a train with a picnic and enjoy.

I am lucky enough to live near the sea so we took our walk around the coast and that meant we could enjoy some paddling to cool off from the heat of the lovely July day we picked. It was probably only about 25 Celsius but in Britain we are not used to this kind of heat and so this was very very hot for me! (Remind me never to go to anywhere remotely near to the equator!)

I don't think there was a better way to rest tired legs than by eating a ice cream, laying on the grass and watching the seals playing in the sea.

 I hope you have fun with today's challenge, if you want to make sure you see tomorrows challenge be sure follow my blog and follow me on twitter too. Also make sure you record all the exciting things you do this summer, take lots of photos and keep your own blog, and please send me a link to it so I can see what you are up to, I would really really love that! 

Bye, see you tomorrow!


  1. I've been going for a walk every day in my holiday, as I am spending the summer in the Swedish countryside on a farm and although I've seen everything millions of times before, it's still really beautiful. Also it gives me some alone time to think, which is very nice.

  2. That sounds fantastic, I would love to go to Sweden! I know what you mean about somewhere so familiar being so beautiful, I find that with a lot of places around me. I hope you are enjoying these challenges xx