Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Family Day Out | 30 Days of Summer | Day 8

Good Morning!

Today's Challenge is:

 Have a Family Day

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Spending time with loved ones whether they are family or not is always a special time. I am lucky enough to get to spend time with my close family on a regular basis, but those days you set aside for one another are still important.

My family day was spent doing a family hobby of ours, amateur radio. Basically you speak to people from all over the world using radio frequencies. My parents have been doing it since they were young and I guess it is like how my generation talk online, only a lot more technical. 

To get better signal we often set up an aerial on top of a hills which means transmitting for the back of the car. My preference is to log the contacts made rather than to speak though (yes, there are competitions for it!).

I also like to take this time to take photographs, in fact this was the same time as I took the photos at the Sheep Pens, and read my book. Even though we weren't doing the same thing all day it was great to spend a day in their company without the distractions of daily life.

What are you going to spend your family day doing? Who do you consider to be your family?

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Bye, see you tomorrow!

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