Thursday, 31 July 2014

Reading | Summer of Adventures | Day 9

Good Morning!

Today's Challenge is:


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By this I don’t mean just read your twitter feed! Opening a book and absorbing a story can transport you to a new world, you meet new characters and discover amazing places. Reading is not only pleasurable but it is also amazingly beneficial!

You may well already read, and if so great, but this time I want you to reach for a book that is way out of your comfort zone, a book that you would never normally read. The books I read are, in the most part, girly with no violence because that kind of thing scares me. 

However this time I am going to try something different. I am going to read Divergent by Vironica Roth, I believe it has been made into a film recently so it must be good. It's not normally my kind of thing when it comes to books but I am going to give it a go in the hope I am pleasantly surprised.

Also as something a bit different why don't find a nice spot outside to read in like I did? And you thought we might get through a whole post without me mentioning going outside? Sorry!

If you would like recommendation on books to check out I made a video last year about a few books I really enjoy:

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Bye, see you tomorrow!


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